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  • How to sign Android App Bundles in Azure Pipelines

    The Standard Azure Pipelines Android signing task signs only *.apk files. But that`s not what goole wants you to upload.

    But there is a simple workaround based on this Stackoverflow:

    - task: AndroidSigning@2
        apkFiles: '**/*.aab'
        jarsign: true
        jarsignerKeystoreFile: 'yourkeystore.jks'
        jarsignerKeystorePassword: '$(yourSecretKeystorePassword)'
        jarsignerKeystoreAlias: 'yourkeystore.alias'
        jarsignerKeyPassword: '$(yourSecretKeyPassword)'
        # The two Arguments working there magic:
        jarsignerArguments: '-sigalg SHA256withRSA -digestalg SHA-256'
        zipalign: true

    Simply add the right signing algorithm as options.

    You are wondering why it does not accept your Keystore file? It has to be a secure file (just upload it to Pipelines > Library > Secure Files and reference its name).

  • Set runtime variables for an Angular app in a Docker Container

    A guide for setting up runtime variables for an Angular App which is hosted in a Nginx Docker container (or any else). What’s special about this? It does not need another file to be loaded before bootstrapping the app, neither to be included via the docker run command. It simply lets you set variables in your angular app via Environment variables passed to docker by docker run --rm -e "TEST_ENV=This really works!" -it <image_name>.

  • How to configure Docker to use certain network ranges

    In order to configure Docker to use a certain network range just paste this into your /etc/docker/daemon.json.

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